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"three years before when we went to explore the backwaters of central kerala"

"Without a doubt, The Blue Yonder is committed to fostering tourism that is environmentally and socially responsible. Although their tour operation clearly benefits the local people with a focus on preserving the environment, the most powerful impact of our experience at the Blue Yonder was how it shaped our own understanding of responsible tourism. "

"As frequent travelers, The Blue Yonder helped us to understand how tourism (when responsibly managed) can be a powerful agent for environmental protection and local economic growth. We value all the work that The Blue Yonder is doing within the communities along the River Nila, but we also believe their impact is more than on the local level."

"Now that we have seen how powerful an experience traveling can be when it is organized in a way that benefits the environment and the local people, we will search out more experiences like this in our future trips abroad! "

"The Blue Yonder certainly deserve the accolades that have recently received for their commitment to responsible tourism. "

The above is a feedback from one of our guests Allison after her trip through Kerala with us!

There were not many takers when I started talking about "Taking Responsibility" for many things that is actually possible for -very normal- individuals like us.

Those working with The Blue Yonder are people you see in your daily lives. Nothing special about them, except that they believe they they are change makers! They believe that they can be part of a process (and even to drive that process) that can make changes in a world that is growing sceptical about every single thing that we see around.

We have been practising "responsibility in travel business" even before the term, "Responsible Tourism" became popular in a cliche market in India. Those who thought that I was out of my mind to set up a business based on transparency and accountability, probably all the feedback from our guests this month itself might be an eye-opener.

Like our friend and activity partner Lukose once said in Wayanad, "If I can bring in a smile on to another person's face, that make my day!" This is all what we have been doing in the last three years as a business enterprise.

But, for me what is more striking about the above feedback from Allison is her statement "we will search out more experiences like this in our future trips abroad! "

This definitely brings in a big smile on our faces today! Irrespective of the constant struggles we had to go through until now, this mail from Allison makes a world of difference to us.

More guest feedback available here

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