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Toothapuzha - a rich tributary of River Nila

Passing through three districts of Kerala, viz, Palakkad, Thrissur and Mallappuram, Tootha is a swift river that makes it a great experience for rafting. Amidst a backdrop of one of the most beautiful landscapes, let your adrenalin soar. This whole stretch of the river is sparsely populated, compared to other regions of Kerala. Also a lesser known fact is that the banks of Tootha River is a treasure trove of butterflies and birds.

Base Camp: Riverside Resort, Kuttippuram, Kerala. Kuttippuram is accessible by road and rail from rest of the country. Nearest airport is Calicut which is 30 kms and Cochin which is 150 kms

River Kabini - a rich tributary of River Kaveri

Explore the hundreds of little islands that dot the river Kabini and feel one with the wilderness around you. In a span of one to three days, you will get to see some of the most un-touched parts of this district, all of which is a wildlife sanctuary.

Base Camp: Vythiri Resorts in Wayanad, Kerala. Vythiri is accessible by road from Bangalore and all parts of Kerala. Nearest airport and railway station is in Calicut which is accessible in less than two hours. 



The Rafting Experience

You will be provided with professional equipment tried and tested in other river rafting areas in India and abroad. These include life jackets, helmets, paddles and first aid kit.

The raft itself is a marvel of recyclable and eco-friendly material. Fashioned out of wild bamboos, and fastened with coir ropes, these basic rafts are supported by large truck tyre tubes. The cushioning effects of the tyre tubes make it just comfortable to sit on while rowing without taking away anything from the experience.

Procurement of bamboo and building of the rafts from the local community make sure that they have an alternative source of income each time we organize groups for rafting. Bamboo is also one of the most eco-friendly products. We also draw upon the expertise of the local community for navigation, guidance and culinary know-how.

The rafting route is flexible enough to explore its beauty in your own terms. Since we let our guests decide on how to pace the rafting expedition, one can take his or her own time. It is fun to stop near village ferries, talk to people, map the locations, find out the name of the place, and explore further while communicating with the villagers. An accompanying vehicle on the road will be stocked with food and there will only be fruits, some snacks and mineral water in the raft.



Who Can Raft?

The rafting isnt a difficult one. Its a combination of rapids and slow paced flow in different stretches of the river. Even an amateur can join the rafting team. The rivers from the Western Ghats while being swift, don't require any high skills or maneuvering abilities. With the help of our navigators amateurs can raft and enjoy themselves just as experienced rafters.  Our navigators and support team are well trained and professional. Rafting can be organised exclusively for groups or you could join any other guests who might have reserved for the same day.

 Please make sure that you make your reservations in advance to avoid disappointment. Contact us for more details


rafting packages

Rafting rates per person Rs 1,500

NILA PACKAGE supported by
Riverside Retreat
2 Days 1 Night
rafting package in Toothapuzha: Rs 4, 700 per person

Price includes:
One day rafting in Tootha
Thoni cruise- a unique country boat cruise through Tirur River
2 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner
Overnight stay in  River Side Retreat

WAYANAD PACKAGE supported by
Vythiri Resorts. Read more here
2 Days 1 Night rafting package in Kabini river: Rs 4,250 per person

Price includes:
One day Rafting in Kabini
Waterfall trails through rain forest
1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner
Overnight stay in Vythiri Resort

PS: Require a minimum of four guests. Maximum number of guests is restricted to twelve. Number of days can be extended. Please contact us for more details.



What The Media Says?

The monsoon brings with it many more things than just water. Smelling the water-soaked earth or watching the raindrops splatter on the earth is joy incomparable. And what better place to enjoy the rain than on a homemade raft bang in the middle of a heaving river?

Bharathapuzha (Nila) is the largest river in Kerala and its biggest tributary, Tootha, originates deep in the heart of one of India's most sacred biodiversity hotspots — the Silent Valley. And this was the river from which I got a breathtaking view of the monsoon.

River rafting is a big draw during the rainy season in the mountain torrents that emerge from the Western Ghats. It is often experienced in big, expensive, imported rafts in which you get through the course with just getting your feet wet. But Tootha is a refreshing difference. Your raft is made from just seven bamboo poles and three slightly used lorry tubes. (The organisers, The Blue Yonder, use these tubes because they hold the round shape better than new ones.) Each raft seats three and you are literally right in the water. And oh, you get to build your own raft with the local people before you set out. Read more here Rafting across a heaving river : The Hindu Metro Plus


What's so special?

Getting access to interiors of unknown places which a regular tourist will never be able to get.

First hand information from local people as all our team-members are from local communities

Understanding the rural life style and cultural interactions.

Exploring Kerala in a non-touristy way. You will be our guests and not ‘mere' tourists.

Be part of a process of river regeneration. Majority of the revenue we get out of all the trips will be used for supporting studies on river conservation.